Curried butternut squash soup with brown butter crab


1 chopped celery

3 peeled and chopped carrots

1 half white onion diced

2 garlic cloves diced

1 roasted and chopped butternut squash

2 cups of dark chicken stock

1/4 cup of heavy cream

2 tablespoons of sour cream

2 tablespoons of rosemary brown butter

4 tablespoons curry powder

2 tablespoons of Cmarty’s jerk powder

2 tablespoons of Boochie’s Best Everything nice seasoning

1 tablespoon of garlic salt

1/ cup lump crab



  1. Melt rosemary butter, add chopped celery, carrots, onions and garlic until translucent
  2. Add roasted squash and all seasonings, once veggies are covered and spice is toasted add your stock.
  3. Cook on med low heat for 20 min, transfer to blender or blend with immersion blender until smooth.
  4. Turn heat to low and whisk in cream and sour cream
  5. In a separate pan, brown 2 tablespoons of butter
  6. Once browned add lump crab and a teaspoon of Boochie’s Best. Cool for 3 min.
  7. Plate soup and add lump crab on top, garnish.